Ferrari vs. Ski Mountain Is a Nature Video We Can Get Behind

Watch an F40 take on Japan’s Ryuoo Ski Park

By The Editors
March 31, 2016 9:00 am

There’s something about watching an exotic creature frolic through freshly fallen snow that makes it difficult to look away.

Think Siberian tigers on the prowl. Red foxes bouding through Canadian drifts. Or … a Ferrari F40 climbing a mountain in Japan?  

See for yourself:

The clip comes courtesy of the adrenaline junkies over at Red Bull, who recently decided having pro driver Takeshi Kimura take an F40 outfitted with tire chains and fog lights for a spin up a mountain at Ryuoo Ski Park in Japan was a good idea.

Which it clearly was.

Kimura drifted the 471 HP supercar — first unveiled in 1987 and the last model to be approved by Enzo Ferrari before his death the following year — up the snowy slope and slid it sideways into an elevated base camp, then celebrated his arrival by eating some ramen, downing a Red Bull and lighting a flare.

“A little more than a year ago, I expressed my wish to my engineers to build a car to be the best in the world,” said 89-year-old Enzo when he revealed the car back in ‘87. “And that car is here.”

Almost 30 years later, he still has a point.

Image via Youtube

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