Fake News Video Lands American Actor in the Middle of Corruption in Ukraine

Michael-John Wolfe accidentally inserted himself into Ukraine's public graft fight.

September 6, 2017 2:19 pm

American actor Michael-John Wolfe, who has appeared in movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise and who makes personalized newscasts for birthdays and other events as a side gig, has found himself in an unwitting role in a real-life thriller about Ukraine.

Wolfe was paid to shoot a video that suggested Ukraine’s leading anti-corruption campaigner embezzled U.S. funds, writes Bloomberg BusinessHe claims he thought it was a prank and had no idea the video would be posted to YouTube and cited by opponents of the organization in Kiev as the real deal.

The person who hired him found him on Fiverr, an online marketplace where Wolfe charges $50 to broadcast 150 words. He only knows the screen name of the person who hired him.

“I’ve been doing these newscasts since 2011 and never had a problem before. I apologize if anyone was hurt,” Wolfe said, according to Bloomberg Business. 


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