Secret Exec-Only Jobsboard Is Your Ladder to the Corner Office

Over 80% of Fortune 100 companies start here when recruiting

September 18, 2017 9:00 am

Unlike Fight Club, the first rule of high-level job search site ExecThread isn’t not to talk about it.

Far from it.  It’s totally fine for members to talk about it — as long as it’s with a VP or higher.

Started by ex-startup CEO Joe Meyer, who after selling his company HopStop to Apple was inundated with job offers he didn’t want. Today, ExecThread helps its 15,000 “high-caliber” members find opportunities that aren’t posted on job boards but are shared by friends and colleagues instead.

Originally begun as a casual network, Meyer’s community has evolved into an online resource that allows members to earn points by referring their peers to jobs they might want and then use those points to obtain info (recruiter name, hiring manager contact details, etc.) they desire.

With more than 7,000 jobs up for grabs, the site’s members — 80 percent of whom are VP-level or higher — will get the chance to start recommending and approving new members next week.

Even though two-thirds of his members are men who tend to refer other men, it’s Meyer’s hope that increasing the site’s membership will allow more women to gain access to the “hidden” jobs on ExecThread. “Everyone should have equal access, but they don’t today,” he told WIRED.

If you think the site sounds like a good way to get a leg up on the corporate ladder, sign up here.

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