Ex-Trump Adviser Says Pro-Life Staffers Abandoned Her in Pregnancy

A.J. Delgado didn’t get an abortion after her unplanned pregnancy or support from her colleagues.

August 16, 2017 10:00 am
Then-campaign staffer A.J. Delgado appears on Rachel Maddow in October of 2016.
Then-campaign staffer A.J. Delgado appears on Rachel Maddow in October of 2016. (YouTube)

A.J. Delgado told the Atlantic that high-profile people who are “supposedly pro-life” — including Kellyanne Conway — failed to reach out after news broke that she was pregnant with the child of Jason Miller, a fellow Trump staffer who is married with small children of his own.

“I thought it was very telling,” Delgado said. “You see these people saying, ‘Oh, we should reach out to women with unexpected pregnancies and let them know they’re not alone’—and I’m like, ‘I’m right here!’”

News of the affair between Delgado and Miller, who were both key figures in the Trump campaign, broke in December; Miller refused a role as White House communications director as a result of the scandal, with Delgado insisting she thought he was separated from his wife before they began dating. As Miller reconciled with his family near Washington, D.C., Delgado reportedly now lives with her mother in Miami, raising her infant on her own.

“Jason Miller disappeared on the pregnancy, on his child, until June,” Delgado told me. “I did it all myself. He never once called, texted, emailed to find out if I was receiving proper prenatal care, to find out the baby’s gender, to see if I had health insurance, or if there was anything he could help with. He never even inquired whether there was a baby registry so that he could send something.”

Below is a clip of Delgado appearing on Rachel Maddow’s liberal MSNBC show to defend how President Trump and his campaign viewed women.

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