EU Considers Ban on Law Enforcement Backdoors to Digital Encryption

Proposal for end-to-end security aimed at protecting citizens' privacy from government surveillance.

June 19, 2017 10:19 am
EU is considering strict rules to require encryption for all. (Getty Images)
EU is considering strict rules to require encryption for all. (Getty Images)

Encryption loopholes for law enforcement could soon be a relic in Europe.

A European Parliament committee wants to secure its citizens’ devices with end-to-end encryption. The proposal is designed to protect sensitive information online from government surveillance and hacking.

BBC reports a ban on encryption backdoors for law enforcement in apps like WhatsApp and Telegram is also being considered. In their proposal, European Parliament members say the backdoors weaken personal privacy.

The draft regulation comes amid an ongoing debate involving the balance between privacy and security, fueled by recent terror attacks in Europe. Many feel the private sector should make more of an effort to curb online radicalization and work with the government.

During the recent election, British PM Theresa May’s Conservative Party called for tech companies to hand over any data requested by law enforcement, according to BBC.

There’s a chance the proposal’s strict stance may change before it becomes law, though. The proposal must be approved first by Parliament and then reviewed by the European Union Council.

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