Dream-Like Photos Capture Beautiful Undulating Fog Waves

February 28, 2017 5:00 am

Nick Steinberg hunts fog.

The San Francisco-based photographer checks forecasts and satellites night and day searching for a hazy front to sweep through the Bay Area.

When that happens, Steinberg grabs his camera and heads for the hills. Once he’s reached his perch, he photographs the fog front as it comes in, setting it up for a long exposure to capture the rolling movement of the fog as it sweeps over the hills. It’s beautiful enough to keep him coming back after eight years.

During the summer, it’s too hot in the city for the fog to accumulate so the photographer has to ascend above 1,000-feet above sea level. Mount Tamalpais, sitting at around  2,572 feet, is one his favorite spots. Steinberg describes it as “literally heaven on earth as you feel on top of the world.”

See the heavenly beauty he’s talking about below.



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