Donald Trump Jr. Emails Land on the Cover of Time Magazine

The “Red Handed” cover story delves into what the scandal means for the First Family.

July 13, 2017 9:47 am

Time Magazine’s new cover story delves into what Donald Trump Jr.’s admitted meeting with a Russian lawyer for dirt on Hillary Clinton’s campaign could mean for the First Family, and it isn’t good.

“This much is now clear, thanks to Trump Jr.’s Twitter stream: whether the Trumps teamed up with the Russians or not, they certainly wanted to,” writes David Von Drehle, an editor-at-large for Time. “And that overrides the months of denials from the Trump orbit that there was anything to what the President has repeatedly called a “witch hunt.”

The piece also points out that Trump Jr.’s admission — that he not only knew of Russian attempts to help his father, but that he attempted to orchestrate it himself — directly contradicts claims he made in the days after the meeting. On July 24, 2016, he told CNN that Democratic claims about Russia trying to help the Trump campaign were “disgusting.”

“It’s so phony,” Trump Jr. said. “I can’t think of bigger lies.”

With Trump Jr.’s admission that it is, in fact, not phony, how bad will it get for the First Family? And what does it mean for the Trump Administration? Please add to the conversation on our Facebook page, and read the full article at Time.

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