“Die Hard” Is A Christmas Movie, Officially

A new trailer for the Bruce Willis flick sells that argument.

Die Hard (Getty Images)
Die Hard (Getty Images)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Die Hard is a Christmas movie- only this time we have 20th Century Fox to back us up!

Although the shiny, new trailer for the 1988 classic, re-cut and uploaded by Fox to YouTube, packs every single frame of Christmas-y imagery shot for the film that it possibly can, haters will still claim that the Bruce Willis action flick isn’t actually a Christmas film.

Willis attempted to settle the debate this summer at his Comedy Central Roast. “Now please, listen very carefully: ‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie… It’s a g*ddamn Bruce Willis movie!”

Even with the lights, sounds, and Holly of the yuletide season, there are many naysayers. Then again, the movie was released during the summer of 1988, which is still a major bone of contention for those arguing that the Best Christmas Movie Of All Time, Die Hard, is actually not a holiday classic.

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