This Guy’s About to Jump Out of a Plane Sans Chute or Wingsuit

Maybe he left them right next to all the f***s he used to give

July 29, 2016 9:00 am

If your TV makes a strange noise sometime between 8 and 9 p.m. on Saturday night, don’t worry, it’ll just be the sound of skydiver Luke Aikin going “SPLAT” after a 25,000-foot freefall.

For reasons unbeknown to anyone with even an iota of regard for human life, the world-class daredevil is going to jump out of a plane over the Southern California desert without a parachute, wingsuit or, apparently, a single flying f**k to give.

Aikins will attempt to survive the jump — which will air live on FOX starting at 8 EST — by using nothing but air currents to control his fall and a 100-square-foot net in the desert to break it. If he’s successful, the 42-year-old husband and father will make history and also make his sponsor’s insurer very, very happy.

A third-generation skydiver so experienced (more than 18,000 jumps) he provides jump training to elite military special forces, Aikins knows the historic dive is a risk, but he’s willing to take it.

“Whenever people attempt to push the limits of what’s considered humanly possible, they’re invariably described as crazy,” Aikins said. “But to me, this jump is simply the next logical step in a lifetime of extreme challenges.”

We’ll stick to pushing our limits by watching with a bag of Extreme Doritos in hand, thanks.

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