Citing COVID-19 Concerns, Mexico Closes Part of Border With US

Sonora is closing its border down temporarily

US-Mexico barrier at Nogales
The US-Mexico barrier at Nogales.
Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde/Creative Commons

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is an urgent concern for many right now, both on a personal and governmental level. That concern has led Europe to restrict travel from certain countries, including the United States. It’s resulted in the border between Canada and the US being closed for the time being. And now it’s led to another change when it comes to borders: the Mexican state of Sonora is closing its border with the United States due to coronavirus-related concerns.

At the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mitchell Willetts has details on the closure. The temporary shutdown of the border coincided with the beginning of the July Fourth weekend. In previous years, many Americans have traveled into Mexico on the weekend in question. And with Arizona’s cases of coronavirus increasing dramatically, that’s of particular concern to the Sonoran government.

That said, Willetts notes that the border closure applies to all Americans, not just those living in Arizona:

While officials have been pointing to Arizona in particular, their concerns extend to all U.S. travelers regardless of their point of origin, KYMA reported. Checkpoints at all four Sonoran border crossings will turn away anyone not traveling on essential business.

Sonora’s governor also announced that travelers from the US would also not be permitted to visit beaches there. As for the border’s reopening date, that remains to be determined.

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