British Lockdown Partiers Tell Police They Were “Unaware” of Pandemic

What pandemic?

pandemic party
Blissful ignorance.
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Congratulations are in order to a group of blissfully unaware revelers who recently claimed to have no idea there was a pandemic going on. Police stumbled upon this happy group partying away in southeast England over the weekend after responding to several reports about a lockdown-violating party in Basingstoke. Upon their arrival, police were reportedly told the party’s hosts were “unaware” of the pandemic, because they never watch the news.

Hampshire police tweeted about the incident, using the hashtag #ThereAreNoWords, and a spokesperson later confirmed the story to Vice News, noting that the allegedly unaware party hosts have since been “advised about the current government guidance.”

In England, COVID-19 guidelines currently state people should leave their homes for essential trips only, such as work, food shopping or for medical reasons. Unsurprisingly, hosting a party doesn’t make the list of sanctioned activities, as these pandemic partiers found out.

As lockdown restrictions have tightened in England, police have been handed more power to enforce fines for lockdown violations. But while authorities have distributed almost 32,000 fines since March, this group of partiers contests they were unaware of the possible penalty, because they somehow managed to remain unaware of the pandemic altogether. According to these folks, the secret to pandemic ignorance is simply not watching the news, though as many might argue, one needn’t watch the news to know there’s a pandemic going on. In fact, it seems one need do little more than not be in a coma or trapped in an underground bunker to keep up with the latest pandemic news.

But on the off chance these people really did manage to avoid all knowledge of the ongoing crisis, one has to admit it’s quite the accomplishment. About once a day, I am overcome with nostalgia for a time when we were unaware of the crisis about to unfold around us, and wish desperately to return to that pre-pandemic state of ignorant bliss. Perhaps these partiers can teach us their ways.

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