Bob Woodward Responds to Trump’s “Fake News” Claims in TV Interview

On CBS News' "Sunday Morning," the famed reporter defends his book as "meticulous and careful."

Bob Woodward talking with David Martin on CBS News' 'Sunday Morning,' (CBS News)
Bob Woodward talking with David Martin on CBS News' 'Sunday Morning,' (CBS News)

In the first TV interview since his latest book began sending shock waves through Washington, author Bob Woodward defended himself against President Trump’s claims that “Fear” is a work of “fiction.”

“That’s just not true. I talked to dozens and dozens of people, and have notes and documentation on lots of things,” Woodward told CBS News’ David Martin on Sunday Morning. Woodward reiterated that he interviewed more than 100 people for his deep dive inside the Trump White House and that his reporting is “meticulous and careful.” Woodward added that he has multiple sources for every claim or quote in his book.

As soon as early excerpts of Woodward’s book came out, numerous Trump White House officials began denying that they made the often-damning statements attributed to them in “Fear.” Trump himself followed up those denials by issuing a barrage of tweets condemning Woodward and the book     as “discredited.” But in 2013, Trump tweeted in defense of Woodward’s reporting about the Obama White House and, just four weeks ago, in a recorded phone call transcribed by CNN, he told Woodward “I think you’ve always been fair.”

The CBS News interview concluded with Woodward issuing a warning to the public about the chaos he witnessed and documented in the Trump White House: “People better wake up to what’s going on.”

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