The Best Billiards Shot You’ll See This Week

Eat your heart out, Minnesota Fats

January 11, 2017 9:00 am

If Rudolf Walter Wanderone, Jr. — aka Minnesota Fats — was alive today, he’d probably change his name.

Then, if he was feeling frisky, he’d probably attempt the trick shot that you see above.

And with all due respect to Fats, but we’d bet the farm and a couple tumblers of Scotch he’d fail.

In the one-shot video above, a British billiards master at the AllStars Sports Bar in Bristol applies some Rube-Goldbergian physics principles to nail a shot that encompasses a flight of stairs, nine pool tables and the bar itself.

It required more than three GoPro batteries, nine hours and 100 failed attempts to capture the “putt of the year,” but the response the video has generated “makes it all worthwhile,” according to one of the guys who set it up, an ex-pool shark named Shane.

“There’s a part of me itching to do another version now,” he told The Bristol Post. “I think I could do something just as good but I’m already planning next year’s edition. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve.”

We’ll be waiting.

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