Artsy Nudes and Stock Tips. Pick Up a Copy.

This is Bathroom Reading 101

By The Editors
June 25, 2015 9:00 am
Artsy Nudes and Stock Tips. Pick Up a Copy.
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Print isn’t dead. It’s just transformed into something new. And smarter. Below, some just-released magazines for your cultural edification and tactile reading pleasure. Put down the smartphone and live a little.

For creative entrepreneurs: A&H Magazine
“What is life without risk? One without opportunity.” That’s the ethos behind A&H. Their beautifully photographed inaugural print issue, “Risk Takers: The World Is in Beta,” shares stories from leaders in lifestyle, fashion and business, with an emphasis on unconventional ideas and sharp dressing.

For tasteful lady perusal: Polanski
We’re already big fans of Polanski, a NSFW photography mag borne out of a Tumblr account. Limited to 500 print issues, the just-released fourth volume is pretty much like the world’s sexiest Instagram account come to print. Plus, it’s original stuff: you won’t find most of these photos on their sites.

For the thoughtful money manager: Modern Trader
We live in a Flash Boys financial world. But MT takes on money matters from the everyman’s POV. Decided “investor advocates,” their focus extends to social finance, crowdfunding and big data analytics. They also riff on the information gap between institutional investors and everyday traders, as well as tackle a few more outré subjects (read: the A.I.-led financial utopia/dystopia in “The Cyborg Age of Trading”).

For the DIY guy: Huck
A sharp, primarily B&W British mag inspired by the “rebellious spirit of skate and snowboarding,” Huck addresses photography, activism, offbeat travel and any person who “paddles against the flow” (a phrase that’s inspired both a clothing line and a great new book on living the creative life).

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