Find the Best Home Projectors for Every Viewing Need

InsideHook picks its eight favorite projectors. One is right for you.

June 1, 2018 5:00 am

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It’s tough to live large in a converted studio.

One solution? Ditch your TV and get a home projector.

Advantages: Larger screen. Smaller footprint. Eminently portable.

Disadvantage? It’s a lot harder to find what works for you. With that in mind, we present our eight favorite home projectors, each one targeting a different viewing need and/or budget.

Picture that.

Best overall: BenQ HT2050
There’s no shortage of quality mid-range projectors, and any search should bring you across Wirecutter’s recommendation of best projectors under $1,000. We followed through with the rec, and can wholeheartedly say the BenQ HT2050 is a worthy projector that’ll suit the majority of your needs: easy setup, great 1080p picture, serviceable speakers and two HDMI ports for connecting your streaming gadget of choice (we use Chromecast, and it’s seamless).

Best value: Nebula Capsule
Anker’s soda can-sized projector has big dreams: it can display a picture up to 100 inches. Utilizing Android 7.0 and doubling as a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker, the Nebula has a 2.5-hour battery life (you can also charge while you play) and promises a bright and vivid picture. It’s not going to replace your 4K TV, but it could be great for content on the road or at big parties. And at $310, this is $90 cheaper than it’s ever been (at least since its Indiegogo days).

Best cheap (speculative) 4K projector: N-Tech
Given that most not-quite-real-4K projectors start at around $1,500, getting one that’ll fit in your backpack and costs just $600 seems like a steal. This Indiegogo project is a circular, stackable unit that spins 360 degrees — yes, you can watch things on the ceiling — and features four built-in speakers. It’ll supposedly ship in August, but this is a crowdfunding project we’re talking about. Buyer beware.

Most versatile: LG HU80KA
A CES Best of Innovation Award winner this year for good reason: the portable, upright unit (it looks like a small trash bin with a handle) is the company’s first 4K UHD model, and it projects a sharp image up to 150 inches wide at 2,500 lumens. You can mount the projector on the wall, place on a floor or hang from the ceiling. And LG claims it’s about half the size of other 4K projectors. Available starting June 4th, but preorders are up now.

Best gaming projector: Epson Home Cinema 2040
The 2,200 lumens of brightness and 35,000:1 contrast ratio mean your games will appear sharp and colorful in average lighting. Plus, you’ll get multiple connective ports and a decided lack of the dreaded “rainbow effect” (aka flashes of color that haunt some low-quality projectors during scenes with bright objects on dark backgrounds).

Most portable: PoFun Mini Projector
At just .58 lbs., this (deep)pocket-sized, aluminum-shelled projector will hook up to your laptop or mirror your smartphone and deliver a 34”x120” picture. Granted, it’s not that bright (100 lumens) and the resolution leaves a bit to be desired, but think of this as your road/office buddy.

For the kids: Cinemood
This 3” theater doesn’t even need an outside connection — it’s preloaded with 120+ hours of kid-friendly/Disney videos, cartoons and bedtime stories. When you do connect (via wifi or Bluetooth), you can stream Netflix, YouTube and Amazon (or just download your favorite videos: the projector features 32GB of memory). Bonus: no blue light, so less eye strain, and it’ll run five hours on a charge.

When money is no object: Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector
You’re not taking this anywhere. Sony’s aluminum projection unit on its own is three-and-a-half feet wide and, together with the cabinet and speaker, weighs 113 lbs. You’ll be setting it inches from your wall. But you’re getting 4096 x 2160 resolution and 3D content (remember that?) upscaled to 4K, 360-degree sound and the ability to watch better-than-HD content in any light conditions. Totally worth $50K, right?

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