But Does Your Gym Bag Dry Your Clothes?

Calling all fishermen, surfers and "dewy" commuters

By The Editors
June 21, 2017 9:00 am

Ah the age-old conundrum of a workout bag: separating wet from dry, sweaty from clean, smelly from everything else.

You can’t put the wet items back your bag with the dry stuff. You can strap it to the outside of your bag — if you don’t mind it dripping around you. Doesn’t take long for your gear is going to get gross. Over time, gross gear means you have to get new gear … you see where this is going.

Colorado-based Gili Bags has a back-to-basics solution: ventilate that sucker. 

They offer an array of sizes and varieties, but all are made of porous vinyl that lets the clothes air out from within while keeping the stink away. 

gili bags (3 images)

That’s because the vinyl comes from recycled billboards, which never mildew and are UV protected so your gear doesn’t fade. The bags are stitched tough with padded neoprene straps and robust zippers that can take a beating. It’s also super easy to clean (and won’t stain like cloth or scuff like leather — important in dopp kit situations).

Know what we call that? A no-brainer.

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