Axios Co-Founder: Ban Journalists From Personal Social Media

Jim VandeHei thinks reporters should only post about their stories, not opinions or snark.

Keepingyour data private while online is easier than you might think.
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Axios Co-Founder Jim VandeHei recently said that the tide of “fake news” could be dammed if journalists were restricted to only using social media to share their stories.

“News organizations should ban their reporters from doing anything on social media — especially Twitter — beyond sharing stories,” VandeHei wrote in an op-ed he penned for Axios. “Snark, jokes and blatant opinion are showing your hand, and it always seems to be the left one. This makes it impossible to win back the skeptics.”

VandeHei also said that his site’s social media policy “prohibits the sharing of political views or derogatory snark.”

“Don’t say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t publish under your byline or say on TV,” he added.

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