Tim Cook Thinks Virtual Work Will Continue After the Pandemic

The Apple CEO sees advantages to WFH, even as he says he "can't wait" to return to the office

Apple CEO Tim Cook, pictured here at the WWDC in 2019
Apple CEO Tim Cook, pictured here at the WWDC in 2019
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If working virtually is good enough for Apple, maybe it’s good enough for you.

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that working from home is here to stay during an interview at The Atlantic Festival on Monday (as reported by Bloomberg).

“I think the vast majority of us can’t wait to be back in the office,” Cook admitted, but he also thinks some work habits gained now will persist after the pandemic.

Most notably, the Apple CEO pointed out that the new Apple Watches and iPads launched on time this year (although the usual September iPhone launch was delayed); this was accomplished with only 10-15% of employees back at work, which itself is only a recent development.

Cook also said the company will not return to “the way we were” because he’s found that there are actual advantages to virtual work.

Not in agreement? JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who recently suggested there would be “lasting damage” if people don’t back to work, along with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who offered up that he sees “no positives” from virtual working. Guess he’s not binge-watching from the couch.

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