Apple Releases Social Video Editing App, ‘Clips’

April 8, 2017 5:00 am


Apple just made editing and sharing video clips a bit easier thanks to its latest software offering, Clips.

The free app is a video editing tool that lets users record clips, add emojis or filters, and share like any other form of content. It’s a simple way to compile video, photos, and audio into a clean package and easily distribute it online.

Clips joins Apple’s other app offerings, but this one stands out because it bears the closest resemblance to other social media apps, but without the network. It’s like “Snapchat on training wheels,” according to CNBC.

The most interesting feature in the app seems to be voice-to-text recognition. Users simply record video and the app can convert the audio into subtitles, which come in an array of styles. This feature seems to be a smart way to engage in the success of subtitles in the ever-growing video deluge on Facebook and other platforms.

Another notable aspect of Clips is tucked away in its sharing function. If there’s a contact’s name mentioned in the video or it contains a photo of them, Clips will automatically suggest sharing it with them.



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