Watch Some Grown Men Play ‘Duck Hunt’ with Drones

How anti-drone weapons get tested

July 28, 2017 9:00 am

As simple as they are to fly, drones are almost equally as easy to knock out of the sky — especially if you use a specially trained eagle.

However, not everyone has an eagle. And some prefer to take out rogue drones (whether it be for safety, business or pleasure) exactly how you’d expect — with guns.

To test the latest in anti-drone weaponry, Phoenix-based security consultancy firm Bishop Fox routinely heads out into the Arizona desert to fire guns at drones. As Wired noted during a trip out with Bishop Fox, the process isn’t overly scientific and you should think of it “as a group of grown men knocking expensive toys out of the sky.”

“There are a ton of people trying to make a grab at this industry, and there’s no practical guidance out there,” firm researcher Fran Brown told Wired. “This is all based on me wanting to know what to tell my customers about what they should be buying.”

While Bishop Fox has tested advanced arms like military-grade energy weapons and drone-hunting birds, the firm kept things relatively simple when Wired was on hand. Well, that is, if you consider hunting drones with shotguns, net guns and a six-rotored drone called the SparrowHawk as simple.

Take a gander at the video below. 

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