But Have You Tried Skydiving From a Drone?

Don't look down. Or up.

May 15, 2017 9:00 am

From skiing next to a volcano to hiking the world’s most challenging trails, there are tons of ways we put our bodies at risk in pursuit of pleasure.

The latest addition to the “head-scratching ways to fill the obituary section” list? Drone skydiving.

As the name suggests, drone skydiving simply involves being pulled very high into the air by an unmanned copter and then being dropped off with a wing, a prayer and a parachute. In what seems to be the first such skydive in history, a 28-propeller drone by Aerones dropped madman Ingus Augstkalns from a height of approximately 1,100 feet. Amazingly, he didn’t go splat.

It may look unsafe, but Aerones insists the danger was minimal and believes the jump shows the potential for drone dives being useful for saving lives, fighting fires and having fun.

“It is obvious that we will experience an increasingly important use of drone in our everyday life,” Augstkalns said afterwards. “Skydivers all over the world will be excited about these new opportunities. We live in an exciting time.”

We certainly do. 

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