We’re Off to See the Leather Wizard

The wonderful Leather Wizard of Oakland

By The Editors
November 19, 2015 9:00 am

You may not need a new bike saddle. Or a new axe sheath. Or a new slipcover for your turntable.

But when you see these things made the Billy Sprague way — that is, exquisitely — you’ll find a use.

Obsidian Monarch, Sprague’s shop, is the Rule #34 of leathersmithing: If it exists, he can make it out of leather. And he’s now taking orders for belts, bike accessories and any kind of custom work you send his way.

Sprague lives and works in Oakland, the kind of assured multidisciplinary artist who makes the East Bay a superior place to live. He’s a musician, fine artist, and designer. But today we’re focusing on his leatherwork, now available for commission.

Sprague was already well-established artist when his grandfather’s leatherworking tools came into his possession last year. Give an artist a tool, and he’ll duly go about making art with it.

Like Sprague’s bicycle saddles, which are functional works of handcrafted beauty.

That’s not all he does, though. Check out his offerings. You’ll find bike baskets, axe sheaths, tarot card deck covers, synthesizer covers and more.

Put in a request for a custom commission and we’re sure he could fashion whatever you need for your home, person or business.

Useful stuff. Even if all you do is stare at it.

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