Underground Erotic Dinner. SFW. Barely.

Get your seat now.

August 14, 2015 9:00 am

“Clothing is a must. But scantily clad, lingerie or costumes are encouraged and welcomed.”

That ain’t your average dinner party dress code.

Then again, Ravish, S.F.’s premier NC-17 dining experience, is not your average dinner party.

Need some convincing? Watch the video:

Now go buy your tickets. They won’t be around long.

Menu? Begins with “Foreplay” ceviche. Ends with “Bordello” Beignets. In the middle: an “Intercourse Surprise.”

Pun level? Expert.

Activities? “Titillating games, live performances and other adult entertainment between each delicious course.”

Participation level? Terrifying, but optional. “Participation is highly encouraged and greatly rewarded, but not required.”

Date? August 29.

Place? “Maison Rouge,” definitely the only maison on this stretch of Cesar Chavez St.

Requirements? Gentlemen, you’ll need an open-minded ladyfriend, as single guys can’t RSVP on their own. Better yet, bring a wing-woman with a wild streak.  

Remember: life is short.

Might as well have some fun.

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