This Club Does Private Takeovers of SF’s Buzziest Restaurants

Everything else looks lame by comparison

July 17, 2018 9:00 am

The worst thing about dining out in S.F.? Besides the inevitable $1,000 tab?

Access: everything’s booked, two months in advance. And typically, the chef does not stop by your table for a Q&A session.

But a new private club has solved for both of those, and they just launched in San Francisco.

Tasting Collective (2 images)

Introducing Tasting Collective.

Here’s how it works: members pay an annual fee of $165. Tasting Collective hosts an eight-course, family-style meal at in-demand restaurants every couple weeks or so; last weekend saw two seatings at Hawker Fare.

One ticket is $50. If you want to bring a non-member guest, their ticket will be $75. Drinks are extra, as are taxes and tip.

In our eyes, that’s an absolute steal for the chance to sample the chef’s best and receive a tableside visit from them to chat about their food.

And best of all, everyone’s seated together. Forced socializing is sometimes the best socializing.

Get on it.


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