Secret Cabin in the Woods Seeks Visitors

Getaway: The weekend detox city folk need

April 28, 2016 9:00 am

Let’s think about the word getaway for a minute. Principally the away part.

Go to the Hamptons and you may escape the city, but you’ll probably still be in the company of your neighbors, boss and broker three square meals a day.

Truly getting away — not just from the city, but from the people and things that constitute it — that’s a good spot more difficult.

But now there’s Getaway (proper noun), a trio of tiny cabins for rent, each about two hours outside of the city.

The catch: you’re not finding out the destination until the day before.

The brainchild of two former Harvard classmates, Jon Staff and Pete Davis, Getaway seeks to give visitors a reprieve from their tech-laden modern ways. After a successful launch in the cuts of Western Mass, they’re bringing their mobile oasis to the community who need it most: New Yorkers.

The cabins are quaint, quiet, eco-friendly and socially conscious. The largest cabin will only house you plus three. Spartan in decor, they rely heavily on a single large picture window to provide visual stimuli.

“Good design is what really sets [us] apart from other tiny houses,” says Getaway Architect and Designer Rachel Moranis. “Stylistically, our cabins look much closer to contemporary Scandinavian and Japanese architecture than the mini-McMansion-gingerbread homes.”

In short, it’s the anti-vacation. Because vacations are costly, far and hectic. Getaway is close, affordable and designed for chilling out.

“The locations are always kept secret,” says Moranis. “But I can tell you that we’ll be close to a short train ride and in the mountains.”

Now booking with the first overnights beginning in June, Getaway is the departure every urbanite needs to put down their smartphones and get back to whatever it is we did before the blasted things.


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