Diet Hard

By The Editors
August 14, 2013 9:00 am

Have a look at the clock, good sir – pretty soon it’s going to be lunchtime.

And chances are, what you order – while quick – ain’t gonna be doing much for your figure.

Good thing you got these guys: Healthy Hand, a new workday delivery service ferrying hale, nutritious and hassle-free grub directly to your desk, now accepting members.

Like a Seamless run by ruthless nutritionists (registered dieticians, actually), Healthy Hand scours the menus of over 200 NYC restos, pulling healthy and delicious options for delivery at the time of your choice.

Simply sign up for HH and enter your health goals (e.g., low-carb for weight loss vs. high-protein/low-fat for muscle building), as well as culinary preferences, budget and any allergies.

Healthy Hand will then email your daily menu choices. Simply pick a dish from the two-to-six options offered and get on with your day.

Plates cost exactly what they would at the restaurant, and the membership itself will run you less than a buck a day.

Skipping a day is as simple as, well, skipping the email. And HH offers a free trial for those looking for a gustatory test-drive.

Lunchtime can’t come fast enough.

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