Meat Your Maker

By The Editors
May 1, 2012 9:00 am

Members-only clubs that meet in secret usually compel you to do unsavory things, like wear a Venetian mask to sneak into a high-society orgy all because what, Nicole Kidman wasn’t enough for you?

Get the rubdown you want, and get it without alienating your wife, at Brisketlab: an invite-only society serving up delicious Texas BBQ.

Brisketlab’s a first-ever food club from a foodie zealot who was so bewitched by meat-smoking that he hitched an 18-ft. smoker to a U-Haul, drove from Texas to NYC, then bought 1,000 pounds of rich, fatty brisket to cook up panhandle style.

Now, he’s founded an “underground smoked meat guild”, which works like this: When a member signs up, they forecast their brisket consumption for the season – $25 per pound, as many as you think you can handle.

[callout] … he’s founded an “underground smoked meat guild” [/callout]

The brisket’s served at a series of covert summer pop-up events; you (and your family or friends) attack a percentage of your summer buy at each event.

Event details are only released week-of, but will include meat, sides, live tunes, and “hopefully” free booze.

Brisketlab’s pre-registration list is already at epic proportions, but a limited number of slots have been reserved for InsideHook readers – if you sign up quickly enough, you’ll be granted access with a password.

Spoiler alert: it’s not “fidelio.”


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