About That Wes Anderson Art Show

The San Francisco hit finally lands in NYC

By The Editors
July 28, 2015 9:00 am

One of the better things about living in New York is the fact that things like Wes Anderson art shows and stores that carry nothing but polo shirts are often a delightfully bizarre reality. A reality we’ve combined into one Pantone-approved date night herein, with some of the world’s best chefs stopping by as an added bonus.

Step One: Gear Up
Little tip: your polo shirt doesn’t have to have a little animal embroidered on the breast to be stylish. It just has to fit properly. Lucky for you, there’s now a spot in SoHo that carries just such shirts — and that’s it, actually. Feldspar Brook stocks nothing but their signature polos, which are cut slim and high in the arm: the two hallmarks that’ll keep you looking like vintage Jack Nicklaus (yes) vs. current Jack Nicklaus (no). The fact that they come in more colors than you can shake a Crayola box at is just a bonus.

Step Two: Get Your Anderson On
Started in San Francisco in 2010, Spoke Art’s Wes Anderson Art Show is now in its sixth go-round — and finally making its virgin stop in NYC. From Aug 6th-9th, Chelsea’s Joseph Gross Gallery will play host to the works of more than 70 artists channeling Anderson’s whimsical style and paying homage to the worlds of his films. Will be crowded, so get there early.

Update: Tickets are sold out, but you can sign up for a waiting list on the Eventbrite page.

Step Three: Meet Your Guest Chef
Contra is the kind of place that in-the-know NYC foodies like to keep in their back pocket: cozy, romantic and an always-excellent “ambitious set menu” of locally sourced new American fare. In honor of their two-year anniversary, partners Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske are hosting guest chefs from celebrated restos around the globe, including Oslo’s two Michelin-starred Maaemo as well as Septime, arguably the hottest restaurant in France at the moment. Long story short, these meals will be ones for the ages and reservations will go fast. So make one already.

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