21 ‘Grams: January

The first 30 days of 2017, in 21 pictures

January 31, 2017 9:00 am

One month of 2017 is officially on the books.

On 30 days’ evidence, safe to say it’s going to be an eventful year.

But in case you missed it (HA!), this is 21 ‘Grams, our compendium of the month that was, as told by 21 of our favorite social media-savvy shutterbugs.

From no-pants subway shenanigans to a Coney Island plunge, from MLK to JFK, let’s review.

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Because don’t let the cold keep you down

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Because slowing down once in a while has its benefits

Because Public School at the Cadillac House is a smash hit

Because our stomachs made us do it

Because you’re a good man, Billy Reid (stay tuned for the interview next month!)

Because 35 days is the perfect amount of time to age a steak

Because we’re not going back to square one

Because it’s business as usual

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Because MLK asked whether we will choose community or chaos

Because de Blasio believes the noble struggle should be worn as a badge of honor

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Because one way to get woke (literally) is to start a new year with a polar plunge

Because last one in is a rotten egg

Because everyone is welcome here

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Because in the presence of hunters, we gather 

Because honesty is always the best policy

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Because change comes in all shapes and sizes

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Because family matters

A photo posted by Alex Beech (@newyorkmonk) on

Because life’s too short not to have a sense of humor

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Because instruments of peace can be actual instruments

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Because patriotism lives

Because what else do you need?

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