This Guy Blows. (Glass.)

What’d you think we meant?

May 10, 2017 9:00 am

Like most of us, Mark Pavlovits has a day job that he likes just fine.

But when the whistle blows, he heads to a second job: blowing glass.

It’s an arduous, time-consuming task that involves heat, attention and a ton of patience.

The stunning vases, bowls and vessels it yields, though, are sophisticated accent pieces that’ll improve any man’s home (they also gift very, very well).

Now more than 2,000 years old, glassmaking is among our oldest technologies. Unlike the early Egyptians (who used cow dung), Pavlovits makes his glass from a very fine sand. He cooks and shapes it at temperatures that reach into the thousands, and each piece takes about 20 hours to complete.

Mark Pavlovits Studio (4 images)

Pavlovits mostly makes bowls and vases, though he also does the occasional whiskey tumbler. Sometimes he shoots for the fractured, texture-heavy look you seen in some of his vases, and sometimes he goes crisp and clean, letting the glass’s geometry and undulations do all the talking.

mark pavlovits glass (5 images)

Our advice: commission him for a set of glasses to add to your home bar, and then pick up a vase for Mother’s Day.

Just remember to put something in it before you hand it over.

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