This Way to Oyster Greatness

Logan Oyster Social brings the oyster bar to you

By The Editors
July 17, 2015 9:00 am

Here in the middle of the country, the almighty shellfish comes at a premium.

A premium we must take advantage of during summer months, lack of Rs be damned.*

And for that, we’ve got Logan Oyster Socials, the traveling raw bar that’ll set up shop at your next get-together, taking reservations now.

This is for you and your buds. Your next charity event. Your end-of-summer soiree.

Basically, this is for any party that could use some shucking showmanship.

Helmed by a former MasterChef contestant and vet in the fresh bivalve game, Logan Oyster Social’s offer is simple: the freshest, cleanest oysters.

Malpeques from Prince Edward Island. Kushis from British Columbia. Moonstones from Rhode Island.

All brought in fresh by Fortune Fish Company.

Logan Oyster Social can handle parties from 50 to 500.

So, schedule your summer throwdown today.

Because these warm, temperate climes?

They come at a premium, too.

*That whole “you shouldn’t eat shellfish in months that end in ‘r’” thing? Myth.

Tasty Lobsters, Delivered Fresh
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