Australian Brewery Readies a Beer For the Over-35 Set

It does sound tasty

Lord Nelson Brewery
Sydney's Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel.
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Looking to legally drink a beer? You’ll have to be 21 for that in the United States. There’s no unanimous choice for a legal drinking age around the world; Australia’s is 18, Paraguay’s is 20 and Burkina Faso’s legal limit is just 13. But if you’re under the age of 35 and are looking to sample the latest beer from a certain Australian brewery, you might run into a slight issue.

VinePair has details on the latest ale from the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, located in Sydney, Australia. That would be the Three Sheets, described on the brewery’s website as having “[l]ifted florals of citrus with a balanced malty dry finish.” And, as a sign on the tap notes, it’s “recommended for mature mouths only.”

This doesn’t have anything to do with the strength of the beer in question; this one features an eminently drinkable 4.9% abv. According to VinePair’s reporting, the guidelines are in place to commemorate the initial date of the brewery’s founding, and to offer an incentive for those alive when the first beers were brewed to stop in and have a pint.

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If the brewery’s Instagram account is to be believed, the 35-and-over guidelines are more there in spirit than anything else. “[I]f you haven’t reached the ripe age of 35, well we’re not that exclusive — you can join the 35+ crew provided you promise to savour, not smash it out of a shoe…,” they write. Seems a waste of a perfectly good beer to drink it out of a shoe — so hopefully all those sampling this will do so from the appropriate glassware.


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