World’s Largest Passenger Jet Window, Dubbed the Skyview Panoramic Window, Is on Horizon

March 30, 2017 5:00 am
Boeing Offering Largest-Ever Window on Business Jets
Boeing Installing the Largest Passenger Jet Window in All Its Business Jets


Boeing Business Jet passengers are going to be seeing a lot more of the world really soon.

According to a statement from the airplane manufacturer, new jets will be equipped with what the company is calling the Skyview Panoramic Window, the largest-ever passenger jet window—giving some passengers a stunning aerial view of the landscape below.

The company will also retrofit old jets with the new window.

The window will be created in partnership with GKN Aerospace’s Fokker, and will be available by 2018.

Boeing Offering Largest-Ever Window on Business Jets


Basically conjoining three 737 windows together, the Skyview Panoramic Window measures approximately 4.5 feet by 1.5 feet, and will be placed aft of the wing. It will be featured in the following models: the BBJ and BBJ 2; and all three members of the BBJ Max family, including the new BBJ Max 7.

Of course, not every passenger will have the ability to sit by it; those who want to see more have to pay higher fares.

—Will Levith for RealClearLife


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