A Shangri-La of VW Beetles Was Just Found in an Abandoned Barn

No slug backs!

By The Editors
April 5, 2017 9:00 am

Somewhere in Kansas there is a righteously sore shoulder.

But since the cause was the discovery of this local barn packed full of Slug Bugs, we’re certain it was worth it.

Images of dusty, vintage V-Dubs that appear to go on for days first popped up on Facebook and then circulated on discussion board The Samba.

VW (5 images)

The pictures leave a little something to be desired, but from the looks of it we’re dealing with a gaggle of split window VW Beetles, at least one early Volkswagen bus, a  jaw-dropping pair of BMW 328 roadsters from the 30s and a Porsche Speedster to boot. And we think a Ford “Deuce” coupe might be in the mix as well.

The orchestrater of this sale is as yet unknown, but there are several people who popped up claiming to be the head honcho. The current overseer of the collection is also the owner of a popular VW shop in New Mexico, however, so the whole biz could already be spoken for for all we know.

What we do know is that the deceased owner left no heirs, a big mess and had a serious soft spot for German engineering. We can relate to that last bit.

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