Is Volkswagen Readying a New Electric Camper?

And if so, will it make it to the United States?

The VW logo can be seen on the ID.4 model.
Swen Pförtner/picture alliance via Getty Images

The prospect of an electric bus from Volkswagen is certainly an enticing one, and the fact that people have been waiting for the release of the ID.Buzz since it was first announced in 2017 makes that especially clear. What’s the next logical step for the German automaker to take? Given the automaker’s history with camper vans, it’s not especially shocking to hear that an electric version of that style is now in the works.

A new report from Ronan Glon at Autoblog suggests that an electric camper might be available to buyers before long — at least those based in Europe. The article cites a recent release from Volkswagen with updates on the ID.Buzz and stating that “[a]nother vehicle derivative, the ID.California, has likewise been approved.”

As Glon points out, that doesn’t give a lot of information, but certainly suggests that the ID.California will, like the existing California, be designed as a camper. A slide from VW notes that work will begin on the ID.California in the automaker’s Hanover plant.

Of course, there’s one question likely on the mind of any U.S.-based camper enthusiasts reading this — namely, will VW actually sell the ID.California in the United States? The automaker’s reluctance to sell its existing campers in the U.S. has frustrated some. Could the ID.California make its way across the Atlantic in a way that the California has not?

For their part, Autoweek reached out to Volkswagen, and got an inconclusive response. “No word on anything at this point. Let’s hope it comes here!!” a spokesperson told them. Camper enthusiasts looking to embrace electric technology might have to wait a little longer to see what they can expect.

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