Adam Carolla Is Unloading His Marvelous Collection of Vintage Lambos

Say what you want, but the man has great taste in cars

September 28, 2016 9:00 am

This is it — the ’55 Bettie Page Playboy of car sales. Wildly exotic, stunningly beautiful, vintage, super rare and, for all but the most deep-pocketed among us, completely unattainable.

Adam Carolla, comedian, director and major petrolhead, is now selling his entire collection of five classic Lambos. The prince of podcasts’ collection is worth something like $4.2m and includes two hot-as-hell Miuras.

Carolla has said that the goal of the sale is to finance his recent purchase of Paul Newman’s ’79 Porsche 935, for which he laid out $4.9m for at Pebble Beach.

Here are the five steeds up for grabs. Here we go, guys. Try to keep it together.

The most accessible of the group, the ’69 Lamborghini Islero is one of 225 produced and is listed at $350k.

The second Islero, a ’68, was previously owned by Chris Kidd of Tired Iron Works, a famed restoration hound, and is listed at $385k.

Next, for $800k, one insanely gorgeous ’65 350GT. The first model Lamborghini ever produced, this make still sports the original black paint finish and tan leather interior. Unparalleled condition for its age.

Stepping it up a few bucks, the ’69 Miura P400S comes complete with an AC, black and orange interior and a mere 14,794km on the odometer. One of 764 Miuras to come off the lot, she’s listed at $1.4m.

Take a deep breath now, because this is one impressive pony. The 1970 Miura P400S with SV body conversion has been refined by Gary Bobileff of Bobileff Motorcar Company, expert classic car restorers, and can be yours for a cool $1.4m.

via Jalopnik

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