An Electric Bike With Serious Sex Appeal. Really.

One part Porsche, one part bicycle, all parts outlaw

May 1, 2017 9:00 am

When we think of electric bikes, “sexy” is not a word that jumps to mind.

But we’re always down to be proved wrong. And Porsche tuner Rod Emory and Vintage Electric are here to school us.

Emory is known for sexing up classic Porsches. And when he saw how Vintage Electric was disrupting the age-old bike game with its retro-meet-modern panache, he dug it. And so, a collaboration was born.

We can’t think of a better duo to inject a much-needed dose of cool into the e-bike game. The result, their limited-edition Outlaw Tracker, which perfectly melds Emory’s aesthetic know-how with Vintage Electric’s expert engineering.

“The Emory Outlaw Tracker is inspired by tastemakers, misfits, hard workers — the Outlaws! This is the kind of bike you’ve always dreamed of owning. California-born and California-built,” the team says.

Decked out in distinguished Carrera Silver, only 50 units will be produced. The ride will run a fella about $7,000 with a two-year warranty on the bike and the battery. Each is fitted with the powerful Emory-inspired bucket light with mesh grill and classic moto-inspired suspension. And the Outlaw has two modes — one for street and one for race — with a 20 to 35 mph capability.

Dependable all-around for jetting out to the beach but quite the looker for just heading around the corner for a cup of jo, the Outlaw is already a future classic. Head on over to Vintage Electric for more info. 

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