Confession: We Are Madly in Love With This Lincoln Continental

Who you calling grandpa?

April 11, 2018 9:00 am

Ah, the Lincoln Continental: decades-long vehicle of choice for Bingo players and early-bird special enthusiasts everywhere.

And decidedly not a vehicle that anyone under the age of, oh, 55 wants to be caught dead in (although given the dimensions, it would probably make a good hearse).

But that was before we laid eyes on this splendorous, revamped 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible.

Lincoln (2 images)

Despite the outdated silhouette (it’s an unwieldy 18 feet, from tip to tail), this car will break the neck of every gearhead from Pebble Beach to Geneva.

The updates? Big block V8 engine. Automatic transmission. Fancy new carburetor and radiator. Not to mention custom exhaust, remote-operated suicide doors and a backup camera. Bringing the whole thing home: a unique stone-sky Tungsten finish, accented by striking black accents on the front grill, 20 inch tires and a suede interior.

Drive slow, homie. Nothing looks better in the rear-view than a jaw being retrieved from the floor.

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