This Camper Is Basically a Tiny House on a Hitch

Taxa Outdoors releases its biggest trailer to date

September 27, 2017 9:00 am

The calendar may say we’re heading toward winter — but why not point this camper south and keep going until you find the weather you like?

Why not set up shop midway between Marfa and Big Bend and spend the winter stargazing? Or pick a patch of Bayou Country to learn zydeco? Head toward Joshua Tree and find a space in the desert?

Houston-based camper company TAXA Outdoors bills its new Mantis as the “ultimate adventure camper,” and we have little reason to disagree.

It’s huge, the biggest one Taxa’s ever made: 18 feet long, with enough interior space to sleep four, while weighing under 2,300 pounds (and staying small enough that it can fit in a standard garage). Two adults get the queen-size memory foam mattress at the rear, while the kiddos can take the “adult-sized bunk beds” situated toward the front of the camper.

Despite the size, it’s built for rough terrain, with a 14-inch clearance and all-terrain 15-inch tires. If you’re headed somewhere hot, opt for the air conditioning upgrade. You’ll have space for 30 gallons of gray water and fresh water each. In other words: It’s ready for an extended vacation if you are.

The Mantis comes in your choice of the Camper and the higher-end Trek models; expect a retail price of around $35,000. 

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