When Life Hands You a Tricked-Out Camper Truck, Go Forth and Photograph Nature

Where was this thing when Ansel Adams needed it?

April 5, 2017 9:00 am

At the age of 18, Stefan Forster set out on a 13-day solo hike across the southern plateau of Iceland with nothing but his backpack, tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies and a new camera.

The camera turned out to be the most important piece of gear. It helped Forster discover his love of nature photography. Now an established professional shutterbug, Forster has traded in his hiking boots for something a little bit more comfortable — a modified Toyota Tacoma that has a custom camper installed in its rear bed.

Outfitted with a three-liter diesel engine and a tank with enough space for 240 gallons, the Hilux Expedition V1 has a kitchen, shower and on-board electric juice that’s boosted by solar panels. Nicknamed Úlfur after the Icelandic term for wolf, the Expedition V1 took a year to build, but, based on these headshots Forster snapped of his dream truck, we’d say the wait was worth it.

Custom Toyota (7 images)

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