Toyota Is Building a Pickup Specifically Designed for Arctic Conditions

The new edition of the Toyota Hilux AT35 was built for extreme weather

Hilux AT35
The 2021 Toyota Hilux AT35.

One of the more enticing aspects of owning a truck is the promise of driving through unexpected terrain. Not every truck is capable of off-roading, but more than a few are designed for it from the outset. But there’s off-roading and there’s terrain that’s not necessarily designed for driving at all — except that sometimes, driving over hostile terrain is a part of your job. Someone working a research job in the Arctic can’t cite the roads being snowy as a reason to neglect their research, for instance.

Working in conjunction with Arctic Trucks, who have a long history of modifying existing 4x4s to work in harsh conditions, Toyota recently unveiled the latest edition of its Hilux pickup — the Toyota Hilux AT35.

Writing at AutoBlog, Ronan Glon has more details on the souped-up Hilux. Arctic Trucks worked with the Hilux Invincible and added a more powerful suspension system and 35-inch tires. The sum total of these changes makes the Hilux AT35 a few inches taller than the standard version, as well as able to carry a slightly larger payload.

The AutoBlog article also notes that this is considered a factory-authorized conversion, meaning that the modifications won’t affect the warranty. All of that is, one assumes, good news for anyone looking to purchase one — they’re on sale now in the UK.

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