This Lightweight E-Bike Knows No Bounds

The 80-lb. Kuberg Freerider can handle any terrain

By The Editors
December 24, 2015 9:00 am

Does you heart pump more adrenaline than blood? Do you like mud and gravel in the face? Are your leathery mitts covered in oil and your maw scarred and grizzled from years of backcountry moto expeditions?

But do you also care about the environment and value things that are easy to pick up and hoist into a truck bed sans help?

Good news: it’s called the Kuberg Freerider, and it’s 80 pounds of lean, all-electric moto muscle that pairs with an app (sold separately) that allows you to cap its speed and torque so that it doesn’t hit its top speed of 34 mph. The app also tracks the performance of the bike and quantify your ride.

The New Fully Electric Kuberg Freerider:53

It’s super nimble and built to handle just about any terrain your throw at it, with Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires, front-loaded hydraulic brakes and a 48v engine hidden within its powder-coated steel tube frame.

Well, almost any terrain.

We wouldn’t advise pulling up to Sturgis astride it.

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