The Vintage Beetle Is Back And It’s Electric

The all-time classic embraces the future

August 12, 2016 9:00 am

We’ve been robbed.

We at InsideHook are big fans of classic automobiles. We’re also big fans of the polar ice caps. And therein lies the rub. Those 60s cars that only get 10 miles to the gallon? They’re speeding up the warming of the planet. Herbie the Love Bug is cruising along a highway to hell. Or he was. 

Until Zelectric Motors. Until now.

Because CEO David Benardo is on a mission to convert VW’s and more to electric power. Zelectric’s energy-efficient, eco-friendly makeovers mean we can have our classic car and drive it too.

Sure when you turn the key, you’re not going to hear the identifiably heartwarming “put-put!” of the gas-powered Bug — the e-version is silent. But Zelectric’s makes are also super zippy, good with the torque, fast and easier to handle. In other words, welcome news to anyone who has ever had the heartburn of helming a classic Beetle.

Beyond the bug, Benardo can convert Porsches, Speedster Replicas, Karmann Ghias, Things and Microbuses. And while he rarely has turnkey makes available for sale, some fresh inventory will be available soon right here.

Of course, we’ll always be suckers for vintage barn-find miracle models with all of their original parts. But these updated Beetles, which have a range of 80-100 miles and cruise along at speeds of up to 100 MPH, are the perfect marriage of retro style and state-of-the-art technology. 

Herbie would be proud.

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