The Foiler is Raising the Bar for Luxury Yachts, Literally

The Flying Yacht's advanced hydrofoil system keeps it stable at 40 knots.

March 9, 2018 5:00 am

Whether it’s shaken or stirred, there’s one thing that’s nearly guaranteed about any martini that gets made aboard the James Bond-style luxury boat Enata Marine just built: It ain’t gonna spill.

Sharing more in common with the DNA of a supercar than the makeup of a traditional yacht, the Foiler offers extreme stability at a top speed of up to 40 knots (46 MPH) thanks to an advanced hydrofoil system that relies on a quartet of retractable foils to keep it anchored in the water.

Nicknamed the Flying Yacht, the Foiler’s hydrofoil system quite literally raises the vessel above the competition by raising it nearly five feet above the water, making it extremely resistant to wave interference.

The Foiler Flying Yacht (© Guillaume Plisson/Enata Marine)

“Normally you would have to hold on, keep an eye out for waves and not be able to talk to each other,” Enata manager Alois Vieujot tells RealClearLife. “Here, at 40 knots, you’re comfortably and confidently walking around, enjoying the view, having a super quiet and smooth ride, even if the ocean is choppy.”

The quiet ride Vieujot is referring to is provided by the Foiler’s diesel-electric propulsion system, a combination that fuses two hybrid BMW engines with a pair of all-electric motors from Enata. Already offering a low impact on the environment, that system is made even more fuel efficient since the hull of the Foiler doesn’t touch the water when the foils are engaged, eliminating drag.

The Foiler Flying Yacht (© Guillaume Plisson/Enata Marine)

“It leaves only a very small wake behind it,” Vieujot says. “Due to it being so quiet, [they] will have no idea you just flew by at 40 knots.” (Pretty useful if you’ve got a job like 007’s.)

Intended to be used as a tender for a larger vessel, a weekend on the water or quick trips, the Foiler was designed to be elegant and classy as well as sporty and aggressive. “It turns like a sports car,” Vieujot said. “Since the only contact point is the foils, it doesn’t have to push any water away, thus turning with very strong g-force.”

The Foiler Flying Yacht (© Guillaume Plisson/Enata Marine)

Speaking of Gs, you’ll need about 1,240 of them in the bank to afford the Foiler as it’s priced at 1 million euros (about $1,240,000).

Hey, at least if you go pick the Foiler up from Enata in the United Arab Emirates and cruise it back stateside, you won’t have to shell out for shipping and handling. To make that happen, drop ’em a line


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