Custom F550 Camper Will Help You Heed the Call Of The Wild

DO quit your day job

May 9, 2017 9:00 am

At this point, going off the grid means turning off your phone on Sundays.

That’s a tragedy.

The cure is going where there’s no cell service at all … and then staying there.

To assist, we advise Earth Roamer’s custom XV-LTS expedition vehicle. It’s the ultimate “Jake, cancel all my PM calls” ride if there ever was one, a proverbial middle finger to all memos and emails flagged urgent.

Earth Roamer (6 images)

One part all-terrain and one part camper, the XV-LTS will take you into the great wide open on 41-inch military tires. The Colorado-based company designed the rig to function completely independent of trivialities like a water supply or electricity grid: it’s got a whopping battery bank and hefty roof-top solar panels built right in.

Built on a Ford F550 base, the camper sports a full falley that can be fitted with wood or granite countertops, a microwave, a stainless-steel fridge and freezer. And if you’ve had enough of exploring for the day and want to kick back and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the foot of a mountain, there’s a 32-inch LED TV for doing just that. Other creature comforts include a hot shower, A/C, heat and a king-size bed. And there’s noo generator necessary: those 660 W solar panels will pump 255 amp hours into the battery and then replenish it over and over.

The make can be fitted with optional electric winches in the front and rear should you find yourself in a pickle, which, let’s be honest, is bound to happen. But most importantly, the Earth Roamer also offers an external BBQ and snack prep area.

We never said you should go on this journey alone, after all.


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