Once Again, There’s a New Cannonball Run Record

New Cannonball Run records have been plentiful during the pandemic

Modified Audi S6
If you're looking to cross the country in less than 26 hours, this is the car for you.
Arne Toman

If you’ve kept an eye on technically-illegal automotive feats during the pandemic, you may have noticed something: the record time for the Cannonball Run has been broken. A lot. And now, a new record has been set, and the team who did it were working, in part, on eclipsing their own earlier record.

At Road & Track, Bob Sorokanich has the details of the latest record-setting drive. The amount of time that it took them to drive from New York to Los Angeles? 25 hours, 39 minutes. Accordng to the report, the team’s average speed was 112 miles per hour.

The team who set the record, Arne Toman and Doug Tabbutt, had previously set an earlier version of the record in November. The car that they’d used for that run was damaged in an accident, and they opted to modify an Audi S6 so that it could undertake the journey. Also among the modifications: making the exterior more closely resemble that of a police car.

If you’re curious about the details, Toman offers plenty of specifics on his website. It can be thrilling to read the details of Cannonball Runs, though it might be a bit less so to see a car jet past you at 175 miles per hour, the top speed achieved by the record-setting team this time out.

The Road & Track article notes that, based on Toman and Tabbutt’s press release, the record they set in November has been broken no less than 5 times. The pandemic prompting a golden age for Cannonball Runs may be one of its most surreal qualities.

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