This Three-in-One Watercraft Is the Turducken of the High Seas

It's a kayak. It's a SUP. It's a motorboat. It's a genius.

December 12, 2016 9:00 am

Before we even get into the gory details, let’s establish one fact upfront: this boat is ridiculous

How much can you get done with 150 pounds of high-density polyethylene? 

Kayaking? Sure. It’s no ultralight, but it gets the job done.  And hey — you can add a short-shaft motor. (As one testimonial says: “I will never paddle a kayak again.”) Maximum horsepower: 5. 

Use it for stand-up paddling if you want — or stand-up fishing, stand-up net-throwing, stand-up whatever-you-want-to-do-ing. It’s that stable. Watch the video below if you don’t believe us. 

Personally, we’d avoid the turquoise edition for one of the other two available colors: light gray or brown. 

In short: If you want to fish, if you want to fish from a boat, if you want to kayak with a minimum of effort, if you just want to stand on top of your boat and enjoy a sunny winter afternoon, ideally in the tropics, this will get the job done beautifully. 

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