Has a Motorcycle Ever Been This Beautiful?

A breathtaking machine with a soul of pure poetry

October 17, 2016 9:00 am

When the project landed in the hands of the feverishly talented bespoke masters over at Revival Cycles, they knew the Rickman Velocette was an unrealized dream machine. The foundation was there, but the bike’s true destiny had yet to be discovered. Though they work in an uncommonly practical medium — two wheels and a motor — the Revival team is made up of artists, whose aesthetic sensibility is no less important than their technical proficiency. They believe that a motorcycle should be more than a machine, offering a visual thrill before the throttle is even turned.

Back in 1961, a production Velocette Venom Clubman set the 24-hour world record, and the record still stands. Bearing this in mind, the Texas-based shop knew that with only a few upgrades, the Rickman could become both a fierce bike and a beauty to behold.

The project began with a Rickman-Metisse road racer frame and a Venom engine, specialized to integrate such features as a handcrafted stainless-steel exhaust and a custom megaphone muffler. (No doubt, it sounds amazing.) 

Additionally, a hidden bespoke wiring harness provides for up-to-date electronics without sacrificing the riding experience.

Lookswise, they took inspiration from the MV Agusta and Velocette Thruxton vintage rides. The Rickman was streamlined, polished and refined into a stunner café racer housing a track-ready speedster inside.

The result is a superior ride that finds the ideal balance between high-end mechanics and masterful design. Not for nothing did it take home style and design award at the esteemed 2016 Quail Gathering. It’s a very pretty bike.

via designboom

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