Report: Ford Badge Shortages Slows Delivery of Pickups

Supply chain issues strike again

Ford badge
The blue Ford emblem is seen on a new car at a dealership on September 23, 2022 in Long Beach, California.
Eric Thayer/Getty Images

In the last year and a half, the automotive industry has faced a number of critical shortages that have resulted in twists and turns on the road to getting new cars out into the world. These shortages have included chips and magnesium, with the results creating backlogs in various facets of new car sales. The latest report of a shortage isn’t about something that’s essential to keeping a car running, but it’s no less existential at its core.

Or, to phrase it another way: can a car be considered complete without a badge on the front?

According to a new report from Insider, Ford has answered that question with a resounding “No.” Citing a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, Insider reports that a number of otherwise-finished Ford pickups are awaiting completion due to a shortage of the ubiquitous blue badges featuring Ford’s logo.

The vehicles would otherwise be ready for delivery, but the lack of badges prompted the delay. According to “insiders,” the company explored a workaround using 3-D printing, but ultimately decided against it for reasons of quality. Among the vehicles currently on hold due to this are a number of F-Series pickups.

According to the Journal‘s reporting, the issue may be due to the badge manufacturer, the Michigan company Tribar Technologies, having issues of its own related to the accidental release of toxic chemicals earlier this year. It’s another illustration of how one company’s delays can have significant consequences. Perhaps it’s time to update the poem “For Want of a Nail” for the age of supply chain issues?

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