With Indestructible Tires, Ya Better Believe the World Is Your Oyster

Polaris’s newest ATV was built with the apocalypse in mind

March 27, 2017 9:00 am

Generally speaking, tires have a tire problem.

Meaning as long as rubber meets road, especially on harsh terrains, vehicles will always be vulnerable to flats. One solution: taking air out of the equation.

First developed for the Association of the United States Army and recently made available commercially in 2014, the wheels found on Polaris’ Sportsman WV 850 H.O. feature a honeycomb design to ensure they never go flat. Upon first look, you’ll notice they may appear incredibly cumbersome. But don’t let the hollow turn fool ya — this all-terrain off-roader is built to military-spec toughness.

The tires are designed to withstand combat stress — the company states they can take damage from a .50-calibre rifle and still ride up to 350 miles. And the 77-horsepower vehicle also features a high-strength steel exoskeleton and is finished off with a single-speed transmission, while its carrying capacity racks up to a total of 600 pounds via the front and rear racks.

Head on over to Polaris for more details.

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